Working at Revolut 🚀

As of publication, I have been at Revolut for just over three months – working as a Product Owner in the Business Growth team. In this blog post, I’m going to share some learnings from this time. All views are my own.

Steppin’ up 👋

In my previous role at TripAdvisor, I had no fewer than three Senior PMs in my team to learn from and give me guidance and support. During my first three months at Revolut, I was the only Product Owner in my whole department. This was a new challenge for me but I felt I was ready for it. 

One of the best things I did this quarter was set the tone early with my new manager. At the very first opportunity, I made it clear that I wanted to run my team with autonomy. As I was able to prove myself, I was trusted to organise my team of three engineers as I deemed fit with no micromanagement from above. 

Leading complex projects 🤹‍♂️

As the Business Growth department, it’s critical for us to be able to accurately attribute sign-ups to the relevant marketing and sales channels that new users come from. For example, marketing want to know exactly how many new businesses signed up due to clicking on a particular ad on Facebook. Such data is fundamental to understand channel performance. 

When I joined, numerous stakeholders within the department mentioned the term ‘attribution’ to me. 

Never heard of it. 

Attribution is a complex area. The best thing I did on this project was to map out, document and visualise the full end-to-end flow of the current process. I peeled back layer by layer – understanding how different internal tools are used, to how our teams provide links to prospective customers on various channels, all the way through to understanding relevant tables in our database for reporting. 

Having a full understanding of the existing process enabled me to identify and truly understand problems for myself. I quickly became one of the most knowledgeable people in the department in this space. And now, I’m leading a cross-platform initiative across our iOS and Android apps as well.

Think Deeper 🤔

One of the Revolut company values is to “Think Deeper”. As a newbie, it’s easy to take what’s there for granted. Upon arrival, I inherited a backlog of tasks and KPIs. I’ve learned to question things. For example, I discovered a mistake in the SQL query measuring our website conversion KPI. I also realised quite quickly that we didn’t have adequate event tracking on the website to properly understand user interaction. This is a project that I prioritised for my team. As a Product Owner, you have to have the confidence to change course. 

Stronger Together 🤝

Another company value. One of my best achievements this quarter was fostering a good atmosphere within my team. We have a very diverse team – myself (an Irishman), a Nigerian, a Turk and a Russian. One of the team jokingly refers to us as the ‘United Nations’. 

The Product Owner plays a central role in the team – organising, prioritising and motivating. I always try to give my team meaningful work and show gratitude for a job well done. This quarter, I was rewarded for my efforts with feedback from one of my engineers that I bring “good energy and organisation”. 

Thanks man 🤗

Take learnings with you 👨‍🎓

I learned a lot from my time working in Product at TripAdvisor. And I was wise enough to apply some of these learnings. This greatly helped me to organise my team.

For example:

  • Organising my team’s JIRA board so that everything is easy to find (I personally recommend having a swimlane for each epic)
  • Having a ‘Business as usual’ epic for ad-hoc requests by other teams
  • Using a template for copy requests that breaks down each section into relevant parts  (e.g. title, body, CTA etc.).

This blog post so far has focused on things I did well in my first few months working at Revolut. However, some of our best learnings come from making mistakes. Naturally, there were some things that I didn’t get right in Q1. Below are a couple of areas that I’ll be working on going forward.

Start with the problem 🚩

In Q1, I was also responsible for researching a new feature for the Revolut Business application. I conducted hours and hours of user interviews, prioritised features and scoped a V1 solution. However, when chatting to a very senior member of the department about this project, I completely failed to articulate what problem we would be solving. Get the basics right. Focus on the problem as a starting point. Always.

Alignment with KPIs 📈

One of the best things about Revolut is it’s data-driven culture. Every team has quantifiable KPIs. This helps teams to scrutinise their roadmaps and to deeply consider whether the work they are doing makes sense. In Q1, I inherited one KPI related to website conversion. However, in reality, 90% of my team’s focus was on a complex attribution project. We did not have any meaningful initiatives to improve website conversion. Going forward, I’ll be ensuring that our KPIs and roadmaps are fully aligned.

Interested in working at Revolut? 🧑‍🚀

If you’re interested in a role where you will be given a tonne of responsibility and set a massive challenge – check out our open positions at Revolut. We’re always hiring – especially after our recent fundraise. See something you like? Give me a shout at