Shazam Product Manager Internship

This summer, I completed the Shazam Product Manager internship. I was fortunate to be Product Owner for a variety of projects across Shazam’s iOS, Android, Mac & iMessage apps. In this blog post, I’m going to briefly talk about two of my larger projects.

Shazam for Mac 2.0

The Mac app quickly became my baby this summer. Previously, Shazam for Mac only had Auto Shazam functionality, meaning that it would operate in the background and inform the user when it identified a song. The scope of this version involved adding in what we call ‘Manual Shazam’ – in other words, the user can click to initiate a Shazam whenever they want.

Why was this a great project? In many ways, this update involved a full rethink of the app. Firstly, the previous version had a very limited UI, besides a list showing the user’s Shazam history. This update involved adding an interactive header, where the user can click the Shazam button to initiate listening. Users of Shazam’s mobile apps will recognise this familiar interface.

This project also involved a significant change in UX. As mentioned above, the Mac app previously just ran in the background. With this update, we wanted to make it as simple as possible for the user to start Shazaming whenever they want. For this reason, we added ‘Shazam with one click’ functionality. This means that when the user clicks the Shazam icon, the app automatically opens on the listening screen and identifies the music playing around the user. This poses a significant change to returning users, so careful consideration was given to user onboarding for new versus migrating users.

Being Product Owner for Shazam for Mac gave me great experience of leading a full redesign of an app from a product standpoint. I’m excited to say that Shazam for Mac 2.0 is now available to download in the Mac App Store – thanks to the hard work of Sree, Rob & Neil. 

iMessage v2

The other project I’m going to briefly talk about is Shazam’s iMessage app. The previous version of the iMessage app enabled users to identify a song playing around them and send it to their friends. This is really cool but meant that the user actually had to have a song playing around them in order to share it. The scope of this update involved adding a My Shazam tab to the iMessage app where users could select a recent Shazam and share it with friends. The hypothesis was that this would increase user engagement as the user no longer had to Shazam in context.

This feature was shipped before the end of my internship, meaning that I was able to start monitoring performance in my final weeks. To my delight, 2-3x more messages were sent from the My Shazam tab than from the Home tab. This was strong validation that the new feature provided more value to the user.

What was it like to intern at Shazam?

I got to work on some very exciting projects and learn from some brilliant people. From day one, I felt like a valued member of staff and was given lots of responsibility. I’m sure that this reflects the experience of my fellow interns. In fact, iMessage V2 was built completely by interns. As Product Owner, I was accompanied by Maria Hristoforova (Product Designer) and Arthur Granacher (Tech Feature Lead) – who both did an awesome job. Throughout my internship, I was hugely impressed by the nature of the projects that the interns were working on. I think that all of us could leave satisfied that we worked on projects that were impactful for both Shazam and our userbase.

Takeaways from my Shazam Product Manager internship

My biggest goal in my final year of university was to get the Shazam Product Manager internship – and it lived up to every expectation I had. After stumbling across Product Management, I knew I had to try it. Fortunately, I could happily end my internship knowing that I found my ideal career path.

To Al, Clem and Hera – thank you for giving me your time and expertise this summer. I learned so much from the three of you and now have a clear idea about the type of PM I want to become. To my design fam of Kitty, Sree, Maria & Lewis – thanks for welcoming me into your weird and wonderful world and for making me feel at home. And to everyone at this amazing company – best of luck in what I’m sure will be an exciting next chapter.

Interested in learning more about Product Management? Check out my talk on “Breaking into Product”. We’re always hiring at Revolut – feel free to check out our careers page and reach out to me if you see a role that interests you.