Getting into Product Management is hard. If you’re lucky enough to get an interview, you’ll likely be asked to complete an exercise which you’ll then present to the hiring company.

This is often the make or break.

Having completed such exercises to get hired at both Shazam and TripAdvisor, I want to share my learnings to help others get a job they’ll love.

What You’ll Get


Sample exercise

  • You’ll receive a sample exercise that is very similar to the type that you complete in real Product Management interview processes
  • This sample exercise will challenge you to come up with a feature for a well known B2C app
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Product Management Sample Exercise


This is a sample exercise for you to complete in your own time. Once finished, please email your Powerpoint presentation or other document to to get a detailed feedback report.


1:1 Mock Interview Session (30 minutes)

  • Book a half hour slot with me where you will present your presentation
  • This will be an interactive session where I’ll pose questions throughout – just like in real interviews

Detailed feedback report

  • Submit your exercise to me in Powerpoint format via email
  • Receive a detailed report within 7 days of submission – analysing your presentation and highlighting areas for improvement

Interview & Detailed Feedback Report

  • Get both a half hour mock interview session and a detailed feedback report
  • Best of both worlds – get 20% off when bought together. Most popular option among aspiring PMs.

$99.99 – 20% off for a limited time only

Just want the exercise?

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