The following are a list of questions one could ask consumers and businesses to better understand the need for receipts from a consumer and business’ point of view and to understand any problems with existing solutions.

Questions to ask consumers

Do you tend to shop in physical stores or do you only shop online? 

What kind of physical stores do you shop in? 

How do you typically pay for things in stores? 

Do you typically ask for receipts? 

Do you take receipts if the cashier offers one to you? 

What do you typically do with receipts? 

How long would you hold onto a receipt for? 

Do you find receipts to be useful? 

How often would you return things you bought in a physical store? 

When was the last time you returned an item? 

How was the process of returning something? 

Did you ever need to return something and not have a receipt? 

Questions to ask businesses

Do you give receipts to customers? 


What’s the purpose of a receipt? 

What format do you give receipts to your customers? 

How does the current process of giving receipts work for you? 

How much does it cost you to issue receipts? 

Do customers often look for refunds? 

Do customers ever lose their receipts? 

Do you strive to create a ‘green’ image for your business? 

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