Hey, I’m Simon.

I’m an Irishman currently living in Oxford, UK. I moved here in November 2018 to begin working for TripAdvisor as an Associate Product Manager.

I started this blog as I wanted to share my experiences as I learn to navigate the realms of Product Management. 

My Experience


Focusing on B2B payments and fraud management for TripAdvisor Experiences – working with stakeholders in Finance and Trust & Safety on projects that improve the supplier experience and help to create a trusted marketplace 


Product Manager Intern reporting to Director of Product. Product Owner for a variety of projects across Shazam’s Android, iOS, Mac and iMessage apps, including Shazam for Mac app redesign & iMessage Version 2. 


Growth Intern in Incubator Markets squad. Responsible for App Store Optimisation across three markets. Also Product Owner for Countdown feature, enabling travellers to create shareable countdowns for their trips.

My StartUps


My first startup. I founded Stageville in 2015. Stageville was an event ticketing platform. Our crowdfunding system enabled artists and promoters to put on concerts while removing the risk of poor attendance. Stageville ticketed 56 events over two years, transacting over €48,000. To read my reflection on Stageville, click here.


I co-founded PledgeNotes in 2016. PledgeNotes was a note-sharing platform for students. Our crowdfunding system decreased the costs for buyers and increased the revenue for the seller. Onboarded 8 customers for beta trial and transacted over €1800. To read my reflection on PledgeNotes, click here.


  • First Class Honors Business & Economics Graduate from Trinity College Dublin
  • Awarded Foundation Scholarship at Trinity College Dublin in 2016 for achieving the highest mark out of Business, Economics & Social Studies in the Scholarship Exams